High school students test computer games made by U-M students

On Tuesday, April 19, David Chesney‘s ENG100 class, Gaming for the Greater Good, showcased their final class projects to a group of Dexter high school students interested in computer science. The Dexter students played the games, asked questions, and voted for their favorites.

In a collaboration with the U-M CS Mott Children’s Hospital, these video games were designed to accommodate the needs of individuals with fine motor control disabilities or vision impairment, such as those with Cerebral Palsy or traumatic brain injuries who have extreme difficulties in using keyboard interfaces.

A number of prizes for the class were provided by Google, Microsoft, and Electronic Arts.

Projects and student programmers included:

Henry Chen, Joshua Leung, Zachary Quanbeck, Alan Seto
Word Warp
Jackson Jessup, Christopher Kyanka, Charles Vink
Angular Leap
Timothy Wescott, Michael Haling, Christopher Harris, Ken Ling
Sound Machine
Trevor Trudell, Alison Christiansen, Brendan Fahey, Teja Ravipati
Joseph Fraga, Jong Min Park, Mitchell Tvorik
Tingshen Chen, Derek Otten, Joshua Stern, Ruby Yau
Dig It!
Jacob Lucero, Nicholas Augustyniak, Scott Curry, AJ Harris
Anne Bonifas, Anuroop Arora, Gabriel Hall, Arjuna Iyer
Vicki Li, Collin Cromwell, Jacob Hash, Matthew Kneiser
Football Superstar
Chad Kay, Ryan McMahon, John Rabideau, Christina Towell
Kaia the Koala
Connor Davidson, Kristen Dwan, Rebecca Gebhard, Nicholas Richter
Builder Bots
Joel Roath, Jacob Anderson, William Singer, Jordan Weichel
Clef’s Quest
David Sabourin, Kyle Duhaime, Michael Holley, Joseph Warrian
Morse Code
Legends Brittni, Gustaf Esther, Creswell Tyler, Fox Roberto Shu
Time Delay
Sean Lee, Steven Leboida, Michael Marshall, Andrew Milgrom
Super Launcher
Mark Davison, Brandon Gardner, Michael Ulrich

Below are more photos from the event. To view or download larger photos, just click on the thumbnail image of interest.

David Chesney; Student News