2017-18 Undergraduate Student Awards

We congratulate these students for achieving notable success in the areas of academic achievement, research, service, and entrepreneurship

Students, parents, and faculty gathered on Friday, March 6, 2018 to celebrate the achievements of EECS students who earned a special award for academic achievement, research, service, or entrepreneurial activities. David Neuhoff, Senior Associate Chair for Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Brian Noble, Chair for Computer Science and Engineering, presented the awards.

College of Engineering Awards

Distinguished Academic Achievement Award
This award is presented by the College of Engineering to an outstanding student
from each program offered within the College of Engineering. Students are
selected by each department on the basis of academic and personal excellence.

  • Steven Schulte (CE)
  • Ivor Huang (CS)
  • Yue Dai (EE)

Distinguished Leadership Award
Presented to undergraduate and graduate students of the College of Engineering who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and service to the College, University, and community.

  • Akanksha Singh (CS)

Cooley Writing Prize – Fiction Division
Awarded to an undergraduate engineering student to explore nontechnical
fields to develop, broaden, and enrich his or her education.

  • Enya Liu (CS)

Roger M. Jones Fellowship
Awarded to a graduating U of M engineering student to have the opportunity to study the humanities at a European university. The fellowship includes living expenses, a travel stipend, and tuition for one year.

  • Paul Reggentin (EE)

EECS Awards

Outstanding Achievement Award
Presented to an outstanding senior student from each of the three programs of study (EE, CE, and CS) in EECS. Students are selected on the basis of outstanding overall academic and personal excellence.

  • Sharang Karve (CE)
  • Abhimanyu Muchhal (CS)
  • Rahul Hingorani (EE)

William L. Everitt Student Award of Excellence
Presented to a top student from each of the three programs of study (EE, CE, and CS). These students are in the top 10% of their class and have an interest in communications and computers, as well as professional interests and activities.

  • Patrick Irving (CE)
  • Dean Robinson (CS)
  • Wenhao Peng (EE)

Outstanding Research Award
Given to students who completed an outstanding research project with a faculty member or graduate student over and above the requirements of a course or an independent project.

  • Justin Fu (CE)
  • Zijian Wang (CS)
  • Lili Chen (EE)

Outstanding Service Award 
Presented to students who have shown exceptional leadership in their student organizations, service to the University, College, or Department, or service to the community.

  • Stefany Escobedo (CE)
  • Haley Le (CS)
  • Austin Xu (EE)

William Harvey Seeley Prize
Presented to an electrical engineering student who stands first in his/her class at the completion of the freshman year.

  • Michelle Yi (EE)

Presented to a top student from each of the three programs of study (EE, CE, and CS) who exemplifies a partnership between engineering and business through involvement in or startup of a private business, patents, or partnerships with corporations, furthering their field of knowledge or interest.

  • Rohan Dasika (CE)
  • Nick Shahin (CS)
  • Aaron Chow (EE)

Richard K. Brown Memorial Scholarship
This award is presented to an outstanding electrical engineering student with an interest in acoustics or amateur (ham) radio.

  • Kit Ng (EE)

EECS Scholars
Given to EECS Seniors (85 credits and above) who have been at U-M at least two full semesters and have a cumulative 3.9 GPA or greater as of Fall 2017.

Evan Agattas (CS)
Ashok Aggarwal (EE)
Vinayak Ahluwalia (CS)
Emily Bao (CS)
Soyeon Baek (EE)
Karthik Bhandarkar (CS)
Anuraag Bharadwaj (CS)
Holly Borla (CS)
Sabrina Brogren (CS)
Amanda Burcroff (CS)
Han Chen (DS)
Lili Chen (EE)
Mengmeng Chen (CS)
Michelle Chen (DS)
Yixuan Chen (CS)
Yuhan Chen (CE)
Zheng Chen (CS)
Patrick Chong Jin Hua (CE)
Brian Chu (DS)
Yifan Dai (CS)
Yue Dai (EE)
Paul Domanico (EE)
Matthew Dorow (CE)
Kosuke Dykhuizen (CS)
Henry Ellis (CS)
Xiaoyu Fang (CS)
Sahil Farishta (CS)
Curtis Fenner (CS)
Nathan Fenner (CS)
Michael Ficaro (CS)
Kevin Fietsam (CS)
Christina Fosheim-Hoag (CS)
Justin Fu (CE)
Mingjie Gao (EE)
Zhongren Gao (CS)
Tiancheng Ge (CS)
Andrew Gitlin (CS)
Tarun Gogineni (CS)
Zhaojie Gong (CS)
Rashmika Goswami (CS)
Michelle Gu (CS)
Songyuan Guan (CS)
Yifan Guan (CS)
Shuvro Guha (CS)
Max Hamilton (CS)
Eric Hao (CS)
Zhijian Hao (EE)
Jiaqi He (CS)
Lukas Heberling (EE)
Rahul Hingorani (EE)
Nicholas Hodgman (CS)
Colton Holoday (CS)
Jingyao Hu (CE)
Haiyang Huang (CS)
Ivor Huang (CS)
Lillian Huang (CS)
Steven Huang (CS)
Th omas Huang (CS)
Eric Hwang (CS)
Jin Soo Ihm (CS)
Steven Jecmen (CS)
Xinyun Jiang (EE)
Yifan Jiang (CS)
Chengcheng Jin (CS)
Daniel Jin (CE)
Junchen Jin (CS)
Linyi Jin (CS)
Wenyu Jin (CS)
Yuqi Jin (CS)
Sharang Karve (CE)
Julia Kerst (EE)
Ameya Khare (CS)
Saad Khatri (EE)
Anurag Koduri (CS)
Noriyuki Kojima (CS)
Dominik Konik (CS)
Max Kontorovich (CS)
Matthew Kramer (EE)
Joshua Kremers (DS)
Connor Krupp (CS)
David Kucher (CE)
Abhishek Kumar (EE)
Katy Lau (CS)
Dylan Lawton (CS)
Il Jae Lee (CS)
Zixuan Li (CE)
Andong Luis Li Zhao (CS)
Alexander Lin (CS)
Yeqing Lin (CS)
Rachel Lipa (CS)
Anthony Liu (CS)
Liang Liu (CS)
Xinglian Liu (CS)
Yuze Lou (CS)
Tianle Lu (CS)
Jeremy Lua (CS)
Ying Luo (CS)
Yuanhang Luo (CS)
Connor Mackey (EE)
Sahith Malyala (DS)
Bogdan Manga (CS)
Karl Marco (CS)
Victoria Memmesheimer (CS)
Gaole Meng (CS)
Justin Millman (CS)
Daniel Minahan (CS)
Albert Morgese (CS)
Vamsi Nimmagadda (CS)
Samir Nooshabadi (EE)
Cristina Noujaim (CS)
Th omas Oliver (CE)
Colin Page (CS)
John Payne (CS)
Wenhao Peng (EE)
John Penington (CE)
Seth Perrin (EE)
Tejas Prahlad (CS)
Sasawat Prankprakma (CS)
Jingyu Qian (CS)
Shengyi Qian (CS)
Jingyi Qing (CS)
Kishore Rao (CE)
Nicholas Recker (CS)
Trevor Rees (CS)
Joh Reeves (CS)
Amir Refai (CS)
Megan Renehan (CE)
Luke Ross (CS)
Sesh Sadasivam (CS)
Bing Schaefer (CS)
John Schaefer (CS)
Steven Schulte (CE)
Chengjia Shao (EE)
Duli She (CS)
Xiaoyang Shen (CS)
Susanne Sheng (CS)
Justin Shetty (CE)
Fangzhou Shi (CS)
Haowen Shi (CE)
Curt Silverthorn (CS)
Philip Sisk (EE)
Christian Smith (CS)
Alexandra Spence (DS)
Pranav Srinivasan (CS)
Carl Steinhauser (EE)
Benjamin Stoler (CS)
Adrian Stoll (CS)
Pascal Sturmfels (CS)
Wenhao Su (CS)
Daniel Takayama (CS)
Yue Tan (CS)
Shengpu Tang (CS)
Sixu Tao (CS)
Nikhil Tase (CS)
Michael Toennies (EE)
Kaiwei Tu (CS)
Angelo Vozza III (CS)
Dingyu Wang (CS)
Feite Wang (CS)
Henry Wang (CE)
Jiachen Wang (CS)
Jiaxin Wang (CS)
Kangxu Wang (CS)
Mukai Wang (DS)
Ruochen Wang (CS)
Shihui Wang (CS)
Zijian Wang (CS)
Zizhao Wang (CE)
Zizhen Wang (CS)
Peter Wei (CS)
Yi Wen (CS)
Nathaniel Wernert (CS)
Alex Wilf (CS)
Gregory Willett (CE)
Eric Winsor (CE)
Jack Wisbiski (EE)
Kaitao Wu (CS)
Lawrence Wu (CS)
Qiucheng Wu (CS)
Shiyu Wu (CE)
Tianyi Wu (CS)
Wenyi Wu (CS)
Liran Xiao (CS)
Shuyuan Xiao (CS)
Yujia Xie (CS)
Austin Xu (EE)
Yue Xu (CS)
Chenyu Xue (CS)
Wenfei Yan (DS)
Eric Yang (CE)
Jin Yang (CS)
Kevin Yang (CS)
Yilin Yang (CS)
Zixuan Yang (CS)
Yuan Yao (CS)
Haojie Ye (EE)
Xinyu Ye (CS)
Yucheng Yin (CS)
Chaolun Zhang (CS)
He Zhang (CS)
Huimin Zhang (CS)
Shiyu Zhang (CS)
Tianjun Zhang (EE)
William Zhang (CS)
Yetong Zhang (CE)
Changjian Zhao (EE)
Yifan Zhao (CS)
Runyu Zheng (CS)
Liping Zhong (CS)
Shucheng Zhong (CS)
Alexander Zhu (CS)
Jingyuan Zhu (CS)
Yihong Zou (CS)

SURE Awards

These awards provided funding for students to work with faculty members on research projects of mutual interest. Following is a list of projects and participants.

Accelerating Graph-Based Applications

  • Student Name: Alexander Chapp
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Valeria Bertacco

Acceleration Sorting Algorithms for Computer Caches

  • Student Name: James Connolly
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Reetuparna Das

Automatic Speech Recognition for Health

  • Student Name: Wenyu Jin
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Emily Mower Provost

Correct-by-construction Control Implementation on a Scaled Car

  • Student Name: Tiancheng Ge
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Necmiye Ozay

Crowd-Powered Robotics

  • Student Name: Junxiao Wang
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Walter Lasecki

Deep Learning and Computer Vision

  • Student Name: Spruce Bondera
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Jia Deng

Distributed MIMO Wireless Communication and Simultaneous Energy Transfer for Ultra-Low Power Energy-Autonomous IoT

  • Student Name: Wenhao Peng
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Hun-Seok Kim

Evaluation and Development of Analog and Wireless Systems

  • Student Name: Alexander Meikle
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Michael Flynn

Image Processing with Artificial Neural Networks

  • Student Name: Patrick Tsai
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Wei Lu

Integrated Bypass Diodes to Improve Solar Cell Effi ciency

  • Student Name: Abhishek Kumar
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Becky Peterson

LabView Interface for PhotoHall Measurements

  • Student Name: Rodrigo Cuba
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Becky Peterson

Machine Learning for Patient Risk Stratifi cation

  • Student Name: Chaolun Zhang
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Jenna Wiens

Modeling Social Networks

  • Student Name: Andong Li Zhao
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Grant Schoenebeck

Real-time Hardware/Software Interface for Optoelectrodes

  • Student Name: Philip Dakin
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: John Seymour

Resource Disaggregation

  • Student Name: Yue Tan
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Mosharaf Chowdhury

Security Analysis of Cyber-Physical Control Systems

  • Student Name: Hector Dominguez
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Stéphane Lafortune

Security Analysis of Cyber-Physical Control Systems

  • Student Name: Nicholas Recker
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Stephane Lafortune

Security Analysis of Cyber-Physical Control Systems

  • Student Name: Gregory Willett
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Stephane Lafortune

Security Enforcer for Untrusted Computer Processors

  • Student Name: Hyewon Kim
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Valeria Bertacco

Smart IoT Sensor Interface Design

  • Student Name: Kyle May
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Robert Dick

Software Development and Testing for Intrusion Detection and Privacy Enforcement in Control Systems

  • Student Name: Yuwei Bao
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Stephane Lafortune
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