2011 CSE Graduate Student Honors Competition Highlights Exceptional Research

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Yi Li, Joseph Greathouse, Prof. Benjamin Kuipers, Vahed Qazvinian, and Li (Eric) Qian

CSE held its eighth annual CSE Graduate Student Honors Competition on December 8, 2011. The competition was the culmination of a process that narrowed the field of entrants to four finalists, each of whom gave a summary presentation on an area of their research. CSE faculty ranked the finalist’s presentations.

Our congratulations to all four finalists who presented! Following are details on their presentations:

Joseph Greathouse, ACAL: “Hardware Support for On-Demand Software Analysis” (First Place). Advisor Todd Austin.

Yi Li, Theory: “Approximate Sparse Recovery: Optimizing Time and Measurements.” Advisor: Martin Strauss.

Vahed Qazvinian, AI, “Using Collective Discourse to Generate Surveys of Scientific Paradigms” (Second Place). Advisor: Dragomir Radev.

Li (Eric) Qian, Software, “User-Friendly Information Integration.” Advisors: Michael Cafarella and H.V. Jagadish.

Below are photos from the event. To view or download larger photos, just click on the thumbnail image of interest.

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