Salute to the Class of 2020

Prof. Mingyan Liu
Prof. Peter Chen

Congratulations to the EECS Class of 2020!

You have all worked incredibly hard to reach this momentous occasion, and on behalf of everyone in EECS, we congratulate you. We are so proud of you and your achievements. 

As undergraduate students, you made it through challenging lab classes, coding sessions, and working in teams. As master’s students, you broadened your expertise and proved that you actually love the discipline you chose. And as doctoral students, you revealed a dedication to research that few possess, and a curiosity for understanding how to make new things dance to the beat of your own drum.

While every graduating class is unique, those of you graduating this term have the additional distinction of having your studies interrupted by one of the deadliest pandemics in a century. For all of you, we want to express our sincerest sympathies on the impact of COVID-19 on your life, on your studies, and even on your commencement.

You all have been experiencing some of the most challenging times in history, and it’s not over. Job searches have been frustrated, even though you have among the most marketable degrees available. If you do have time on your hands, please use it wisely. Continue that lifelong learning style we hope you’ve already adopted and take a MOOC, get prepared to launch that company, help your community. Tap into the remarkable network that is the 20K alumni of the EECS Department.

Sir Isaac Newton was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge when he had to take a year off from his studies after the Great Plague hit London. Social distancing was a thing even back then. During that time, he wrote papers on calculus and optics, and had his science-altering musings about gravity.

So take heart. You are an important part of rebuilding this country, and forging solutions for a bright future. We believe in you, and we support you. 

We wish we could celebrate this important milestone in your life with you in person!

Until we can meet again, we wish you happiness, success, and good health.

Go Blue!

Mingyan Liu

Professor, Peter and Evelyn Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Co-chair of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Peter Chen

Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Interim Chair of Computer Science and Engineering

Co-chair of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science