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Yahoo! Hack University Week

Ramsus Lerdorf & OthersYahoo!

Join us for a week-long festival of coding, food, music, prizes, and fun!

Yahoo! will be at U-M Computer Science and Engineering to host Hack U, a great week of coding and fun. Yahoo! will bring the tech gurus, developer tools, and inspiration (AKA food, caffeine, free shwag, and prizes). You bring your hack genius!

Come to the kickoff and we'll get you plugged in.

During the week, you'll interact with Ramsus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP, JavaScript architect and author Douglas Crockford, and other Yahoo! tech gurus including Paul Tarjan and Dustin Whittle.

Create the winning hack and fly to California to represent U-M at Yahoo's International University Hack Showdown this summer. How cool is that!

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