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The North American Bancard Pay Anywhere 5th 48-Hour Mobile Apps Hackathon


Student mobile app programmers and artists from the College of Engineering, LSA, the School of Information, and Art & Design are invited to take part in the 5th 48-hour mobile apps hackathon.

Why participate in such a crazy thing as trying to create a piece of software in 48 hours?
Because you will learn a whole heck of a lot about creating software.

You need an idea; you need a team; you need discipline; you need focus; you need pizza and subs; and you need some luck. Add Red Bull, mix thoroughly… And voila!

One participant said after the event last year: "i learned more in those 48 hours about creating software than I did in all the courses." While that didn't make me feel all that great about the course he was taking from me, ahem, it was a sentiment that others concurred with. The truth is: you learn about yourself and what your limits and strengths and weaknesses are.

So, think of an app. Make it simple. Now, make it even simpler.
Look at what others have done in previous 48-Hour Mobile Apps Hackathons:


Find a teammate; that is crucial. You don't want to do this alone.
But, if you don't have an app idea and/or you don't have a partner, no worries. You will find both at the Hackathon on Friday, the 28th of October. Just come and join in!

Push yourself; do something unusual; maybe something out of character even. But, imagine the stories you will have to tell. No one who participated said: "wow, I wish I hadn't done that." Nope; we didn't hear a single lament in the 4 previous hackathons. But we did hear : "jeez, I wish I had…"

Event sponsors: North American Bancard, Inc., Mobiata, LLC, Mobatech, LLC, the UMich Design Lab, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and the CSE Division at the University of Michigan.

Sponsored by

North American Bancard and CSE