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Systems Seminar - CSE

The future of virtualization at Microsoft

Eric Traut

In his talk, Eric will discuss the driving market forces behind virtualization today and how Microsoft intends to leverage virtualization to address various customer needs. He will also talk about Microsoft's upcoming hypervisor. Specifically, he'll cover the design of the hypervisor, the related "virtualization stack" components, support for legacy OSes, inter-partition communication, and efficient device virtualization. He will also touch on upcoming innovations in hardware virtualization support.
Eric Traut has spent most of his career working on virtual machines and emulators. He is currently the Director of Virtualization Technologies at Microsoft. He is responsible for Microsoft Virtual PC, Virtual Server, and various virtualization technologies that his team is working to integrate into the Windows platform. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2003, Eric was the CTO of Connectix Corporation, a company focused on virtual machine solutions for Mac OS and Windows systems.

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