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“The Future of Fintech” Conference

Tauber Colloquium, Ross School of BusinessMap

Is there more to fintech than just crypto? We think so.

The University of Michigan’s FinTech Initiative at the Ross School of Business and the Center on Finance, Law & Policy are hosting “The Future of Fintech” conference to consider new business, policy, and regulatory questions raised by recent technological developments. The one-day event will examine fintech’s effects on financial inclusion and consumer protection, the prospects for open banking in the United States and abroad, and the role of artificial intelligence in shaping interactions between firms and their investors. Conference sessions will begin with the presentation of an academic research paper. Each paper presentation will then be followed by a broader panel discussion among policymakers, industry practitioners, legal academics, and finance scholars on related legal and policy topics. Co-sponsored by the Ford School of Public Policy, Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS) and the U-M Consumer Advocacy and Financial Regulation Organization.  The paper on AI includes: How to Talk When a Machine is Listening? Corporate Disclosure in the Age of AI


Ross School of Business and the U-M Center on Finance, Law & Policy