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The 4th University of Michigan Data Mining Workshop


For the last 3 years we have had a big success with the University of Michigan Workshop on Data Mining. We uncovered lots of people at Michigan doing interesting and unexpected things with data. The set of people doing this work is only growing, so let's get together and again share our work with each other.

Who is invited?

All UM faculty, staff, and graduate students working in the fields of data mining, broadly construed. We are interested in techniques: models and technologies for statistical data analysis, Web search technology, analysis of user behavior, data visualization, etc. We are also interested in data-centric applications to problems in your own field, whether it is in the natural sciences, the social sciences, or something else. External visitors from the State of Michigan and beyond are also welcome to attend.

Sponsored by

Computer Science and Engineering, Office of Research Cyberinfrastructure, and Yahoo!