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Systems Seminar - CSE

Technologically Smart IP Based Services

Ammar Rayes, Ph.D (Sr. Manager)

Jim McDonnell (Sr. Director)
Cisco Systems

Technologically Services are growing rapidly worldwide with superb margin. According to Service & Support Professionals Association (SSPA), the industry average margin of software-based services was more 65% in 2006. Service is a hard concept as it includes a combination of Technology, Business, and Social environments. High Tech companies are looking for better ways to define, deliver, and preserve services to their customers in a competitive fashion. As a result, service innovation is becoming a critical factor for success. Experts believe that demand for accelerating service innovation will come from software and automation. In this talk, we will discuss the challenges of defining and delivering Technologically Smart IP Based Services that includes knowledge capturing and reusing, automatic service support models, building support in devices themselves, utilizing mountain of transactional data, integration with service supply chain, and advanced correlation methods and procedures.
Dr. Ammar Rayes (rayes@cisco.com) is a Senior Manager at the Advanced Technology Support group at Cisco and Adjunct Professor at San Jose State University. Prior to joining Cisco Systems, he was a Director in the Traffic Capacity Management and Planning Department at Telcordia Technologies. Dr. Rayes has authored/Co-authored over fifty patents and papers on advances in numerous communications-related technologies including a book on ATM switching and network design (McGraw Hill-1999). He is currently chairing the CA Patent Council, serving as an editorial broad member on the International Journal of Software Architecture and has been actively involved in multiple conferences and technologies. He is also on Cisco University Research Program and Network Management Research Council. He received his BS and MS Degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana in 19986 and 1988, respectively. He received his Doctor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1994 where he received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award in Telecommunications.

Jim McDonnell (jmcdonne@cisco.com) is a Senior Director of Advanced Support Tools at Cisco. With 20 years in IT and Technology Service, Jim drives the strategy and development of next generation support tools. Under his leadership, his team has helped enable several key Cisco Technical Services offerings including Smart Call Home and Smart Care Service, which was just released in April. He also headed the Services Quality Initiative for Technical Services as one of his first projects with Cisco. Prior to joining Cisco in 2003, Jim was Director of IT Infrastructure at Openwave Systems, where he managed global data centers, networks, telephony, and desktop support. Jim was the eBusiness CIO of Avaya where he led the strategy and development of Avaya's end-to-end eBusiness technology capabilities. Jim also spent several years as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies advising on services re-engineering and technology implementation.

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