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Tech Catalyst Info Session


Want to put an exciting opportunity on your radar: Tech Catalyst is accepting applications for its January 2020 cohort.

To learn more and apply you can go to techcatalyst.io


Tech Catalyst is a talent investor starting in Ann Arbor. What’s a talent investor? It’s an organization that helps people start companies that would not otherwise exist by bringing together a group of exceptional people and helping them find cofounders, validate ideas, and get funded.

Many people would make amazing founders but haven’t started a company for systemic reasons – nobody in your network would make an ideal cofounder, you can’t afford to spend full time on a project, or maybe you just have no idea where to start. Tech catalyst helps by bringing together a group of vetted people who all want to start companies, providing hands-on help validating ideas, and helping you get funding to launch the business off the ground.

Tech Catalyst is being run by Mitch Adler and Ben Reinhardt – a team with experience founding companies in Silicon Valley, working in venture capital, doing technical PhD work, and running proven talent investing programs. It’s backed by some of the heavy hitters from silicon valley including Eclipse Ventures and Others.

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