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Towards Supporting Intraoperative Coordination and Entrustment in Surgical Faculty-Resident Dyads: Looking Together ≠ Seeing the Same Thing

Vitality Popov, PhDAssistant Professor, Learning Health SciencesMedical School, University of MichiganXu Wang, PhDAssistant Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceCollege of Engineering, University of Michigan

Learning how to do laparoscopic surgeries is a cognitively demanding task that requires a high degree of visuo-spatial coordination between attending (trainer) and resident (trainee) surgeons. In this talk we will discuss surgeons’ needs and wants with regard to the use of novel technologies in the space and propose several future directions to support intraoperative coordination, instruction and entrustment, including visualizing in-the-moment attending’s and resident’s gaze alignment when requested, and extracting teachable moments for postoperative debriefings.



Laura Hessler