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Sun Microsystems Tech Day

Brian WilsonCTO for Market DevelopmentSun Microsystems

Lunch courtesy Sun Microsystems follows the talk for those who register (see web link)
Come and hear one of Sun's top speakers share what is new at Sun! Whether it’s servers or desktops, software or storage, Sun systems offer a consistent design that’s based on over 25 years of experience in network computing. In many different areas, such as academic computing and research, High Performance Computing, Open Source, and 'eco-responsible computing,' Sun has made significant strides in innovative computing. Come and hear more about what Sun's latest technologies.

With the University of Michigan becoming more and more Eco Responsible across the entire University, as well as recently becoming a Sun Center of Excellence (COE) around OpenSparc, the University and Sun are now more than ever well poised to continue as innovative technology partners.

As CTO for Market Development, Brian Wilson delivers Sun's strategic messages to governments, industry customers, and partners. He brings customer insights to Sun's leaders, to ensure that customer voices are continuously reflected in the Company's strategies, priorities, and product development plans.

Brian Wilson established technical support for Sun's Western New York and Pittsburgh Region in 1985. His 22-year Sun career is highlighted by his contributions to the SunSoft, Sun|Netscape Alliance, iPlanet and Sun ONE businesses, in addition to U.S. Systems Engineering; in Chief Technologist roles for the respective field organizations.

Mr. Wilson was appointed a Core Member of the Java System Architecture Council in 2002, and the Sun Microsystems Message Council in 2005. He received a Leadership Award in 2006. Prior to joining Sun, Mr. Wilson was a Senior Systems Engineer at Data General Corporation.

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