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Silicon Micro-Machines for Fun and Profit

David J. BishopProfessor, Director of CELL-MET ERCBoston University

Zoom Link: https://bostonu.zoom.us/j/93315594357?pwd=eE4wQS9lZjA2aloyMkQ2dG5CS21kZz09
Meeting ID: 933 1559 4357
Passcode: 689715

Over the last two decades or so, we have been able to develop a large number of silicon micromachines for a wide range of applications, both scientific and technological. In this talk I will review the devices we have been able to build and discuss their applications. These range from scientific experiments such as looking at single vortex dynamics in superconductors and the observation of the Casimir Force/Energy to technological applications like large, all-optical switches, smart lighting, magnetocardiography and Atomic Calligraphy. In this talk I make the point that MEMS devices and VLSI processing are the “New Physics Machine Shop”, replacing the macro-mechanical shops many of us grew up with.



Faculty Host

Stephen ForrestProfessorUniversity of Michigan