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Systems Seminar - CSE

Seaweed: Distributed Scalable Query Optimization

Richard Mortier

Applications such as enterprise network management require large, structured, and highly distributed datasets. These datasets are not amenable to centralized collection and query, forcing the use of distributed query systems. We present Seaweed, a generic query optimization and dissemination infrastructure for such datasets, and a case study and preliminary evaluation of Anemone, a network management application running on top of Seaweed. We then describe the research challenges inherent in building an efficient infrastructure for distributed query optimization and execution.
Mort (Richard Mortier) has been a researcher in the Systems group at Microsoft Research Ltd., Cambridge for 3 years. His research interests are in systems and networking, covering operating systems, distributed systems, and local and wide-area networking. Prior to joining Microsoft Research, Richard received a Ph.D. from the Systems Research Group at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, and a B.A. in Mathematics, also from the University of Cambridge. While studying for his Ph.D. he was funded by BT and later Marconi, and finally spent seven months working with the IP Group at Sprint Advanced Technology Laboratory, California, investigating routing within their IP backbone.

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