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Dissertation Defense

Scalable Architectures for High Frequency and Very High Frequency Wireless Power Transfer

Xin Zan
3316 EECS BuildingMap

Passcode: VHFWPT

Wireless charging is already taking hold with abundant commercial products that operate at around a hundred kHz. Currently, high frequency (HF, 30 MHz) and very high frequency (VHF, 30-300 MHz) wireless power transfer (WPT) stand out because of better passive components, faster transient response, possibility to combine with communications, spatial freedom, and higher receiver input voltages. However, current WPT systems are not fully scalable for different applications with different power levels and transfer distances in the wireless power world.

The presentation investigates scalable architectures for HF and VHF WPT, which can scale the power level and transfer distance while maintaining the efficiency with an application range from watts for biomedical and consumer electronics to tens of watts for robots and drones, breaking the trade-offs among devices, power, frequency, and transfer distance. VHF devices, gate drivers, electromagnetics, power amplifiers, and power architectures will be introduced and investigated. Three application scenarios will be illustrated for different applications in wireless powering the Internet of Things. The ultimate vision is to provide energy anytime and everywhere for electronic devices in the wireless power world.

Chair: Professor Al-Thaddeus Avestruz