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MPEL Seminar

Power System Reliability Simulation Incorporating Renewable Energy Sources

Carmen BorgesProfessorFederal University of Rio de Janeiro

The power system reliability assessment aims to evaluate the adequacy of the system in attending the energy demand, being subject to failures of its components and energy unavailability. With the crescent integration of renewable energy sources to the grid, such as wind, solar, run of the river hydroelectric, etc., it became necessary to develop models to estimate the power availability that take into consideration the intermittent nature of such sources and also the impact their integration have on the power system reliability. This talk will present some results of researches in this area that has been carried out at COPPE/UFRJ and that led to a stochastic simulation model for power system reliability evaluation incorporating renewable energy sources.
Professor Carmen Lucia Tancredo Borges has BSc in Electrical Engineering from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (1984), MS in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1991) and Ph.D. in Computing and Systems Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1998). She is Full Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, working at graduate school (COPPE) and undergraduate school (Polytechnic School). She has experience in teaching, research and development of projects in Electrical Engineering with emphasis in Power Systems, with focus in the following research areas: Analysis, Simulation and Optimization, Reliability, Distributed Generation, Renewable Energy, Intelligent Systems and High Performance Computing. She is the former Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering (DEE) at Polytechnic School/UFRJ, Leader of the Power Systems group of the Electrical Engineering Program of COPPE/UFRJ and member of the Deliberative Board of COPPE/UFRJ. She has been President of the IEEE PES Chapter of the Rio Section for the period from 2012 to 2014.

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