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NABD 2019 (Not Another Big Data Conference)


2 days, 10 speakers, 11 hours of dev talks and workshops: it is the Not Another Big Data Conference. Global leader of commerce marketing Criteo is offering a conference made by developers, for developers. 200 attendees will be hosted at the University of Michigan during those two days.

Be part of the engineering teams during a day of Scala workshops, and work on the challenges addressed by a company that reaches more than 1.5B customers with an algorithmic approach. On the second day, discover the pains and gains of working in large-scale environments directly from researchers and engineering brilliant minds who shape the future of their technology. A special thanks to UM Prof. Danai Koutra, UM Research Fellow Yongjoo Park, and MSU Prof. Jiliang Tang for participating this special session.

Sponsored by

Criteo and University of Michigan