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Dissertation Defense

Metal Thin Film Based Transparent Conductor for Optoelectronic Application

Yongbum Park


With increasing demand for flexible and transparent displays/electronics, the development of transparent conductor with good optical and electrical performance and mechanical flexibility is urgent. Unfortunately, traditional transparent conductor ITO is brittle so inappropriate for flexible display/electronics. On the other hand, ultrathin silver film shows excellent electrical conductivity, transmittance, and mechanical flexibility suitable for large area flexible transparent conductor application.

Despite its potential, less work has been done to understand the electrical property of the metal film as the size shrinks down to extremely thin scale. The first part of the talk will focus on the theoretical model to describe electron conduction in extremely thin metal films. This model will be used to optimize the film for transparent conductor application. The second part investigates several thin film stack structures for optoelectronic application. Extremely thin metal film-based transparent conductor will be used to better extract light in organic light emitting diodes by eliminating waveguide modes naturally without resorting to complicated structures. Also, amorphous silicon based thin-film photodetector array will be shown to enable in-display optical fingerprint detection. Finally, issues regarding color contrast and environmental stability will be discussed which are important criteria for touch sensing application.

Chair: Professor L. Jay Guo

REMOTE: https://bluejeans.com/251468846