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MICL Seminar

Logic Technology Development's (LTD) Role in Advancing the Seminconductor Industry

Joe Rohlman, Intel Corporation

Intel continues to drive technology development in the semiconductor industry. The first half of the talk will focus on the role of Logic Technology Development's (LTD) role in advancing the industry, process development pipelines, methodologies and capabilities, and technology performance trends. The later half will address circuit design trends on microprocessors and the increasing level of non-digital content. A particular focus will be development and scaling challenges presented by analog and mixed signal circuits included on microprocessors.
Joe Rohlman joined Intel in 1992 and now serves as Intel's Design Manager of the Special Circuits Group. He currently manages a team of engineers focused on the development of analog and mixed signal circuits on Intel's next generation process technology. Prior to joining LTD in 2005, Joe led product development efforts as the Silicon Design Manager of a server microprocessor in Intel's Enterprise Platform Group and two Gigabit Ethernet products in Intel's Communication Group. During his first 8 years at Intel, Joe held design, silicon debug, and lead roles on the P6 and Willamette microprocessor design teams. He has received two Intel Achievement awards and several patents during his Intel design career. Joe received Masters and Bachelors Degrees in electrical engineering from The University of Michigan and The University of Dayton, respectively.

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