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ITA Fall Challenge


This is the first round of the ITA. The invited second round takes place October 25 in Chicago. The top 3 finalists will take home cash prizes of $5,000, $2,500, and $1,000!

The ITA Fall Challenge is a programming skills tournament for technology
students at top technology-program Midwest Universities, inviting participating
companies to connect, meet, and interview the next group of technology talent.

Students are invited to take the initial challenge at each campus, giving insight to the basic skill level of each student. The top 50 scores are the Fall Challenge finalists, and gather in Chicago where ITA hosts the Final Challenge. The quiz offers real world issues faced by sponsoring companies that are incrementally more difficult than the initial challenge. Cash prizes are awarded to the top scorers and companies have the opportunity to meet and interview finalists, and increase the awareness of the local tech industry to this next generation of professional talent.

2013 marks the 4th year of the ITA Fall Challenge. To date, we have met with 1,700+ technology students across Illinois and the local region, introducing them to the growing local tech industry. Nearly 20 positions have been filled with students sourced from the Fall Challenge who otherwise would not have known their eventual hiring company. We are gearing up for 2013 program and invite ITA member companies to develop the awareness of their company with this in-demand group of upcoming professionals.

With the support of the Illinois Innovation Council (IIC), the ITA is doing even more in 2013. We will be engaging 10 universities in the region and will educate over 1,000 students on the local tech industry.

Sponsored by

Illinois Technology Association