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ECE Seminar

Information, Decisions and Networks: A workshop in the honor of Demos Teneketzis 65th Birthday


Friends and former students of Prof. Demos Teneketzis are celebrating his 65th birthday with a Workshop on Information, Decisions, and Networks in his honor.

The title of the workshop reflects the breadth of Demos' research interests. He has made fundamental contributions to information structures in decentralized stochastic control, decentralized sequential detection, multi-armed bandits, scheduling and routing in networks, diagnosability in discrete event systems, real-time communication and information theory, mechanism design, energy markets, and cyber-physical security.

In addition, Demos is an exemplary teacher who has educated numerous students on stochastics through his popular courses on stochastic processes and stochastic control. Demos has graduated 20 PhD students, who have gone on to pursue successful careers in academia and industry.

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