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MPEL Seminar

Improving Environmental Performance of Grid-Integrated Renewable Energy and Storage

Jeremiah JohnsonProfessorUniversity of Michigan, SNRE and the Center for Sustainable Systems

Achieving environmental benefits is often a primary justification for integrating renewable energy and energy storage on to the grid. Despite its importance, many environmental studies fail to properly investigate and quantify environmental impacts associated with changing operation of the grid. This talk will review methods that have been deployed to quantify such environmental impacts and show, through illustrative examples, how proper method selection can be essential to yield informed outcomes. I will examine the role of renewable project siting and its relationship to emissions mitigation. Decisions within the control of renewable project developers, such as solar PV inverter loading ratio and tracking capability, will be discussed. In addition, I will show the importance of unit commitment and dispatch when investigating energy storage for use in ancillary services.
Jeremiah Johnson is an Assistant Professor at UM's School of Natural Resources & Environment and core faculty at the Center for Sustainable Systems. He earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University and a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Yale University. Prior to joining the faculty at UM, he spent several years working in the energy industry, advising utility executives on renewable energy strategy and conducting energy market analysis.

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