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Distinguished Lecture | Alumni

Homecoming lecture: Building successful technology products, companies, and cultures in a cloud world

Bob MugliaAlumni Merit Award Winner in CSE
1670 Beyster BuildingMap
Bob Muglia


From Microsoft to Snowflake and beyond, Bob Muglia has built software products, teams, and new businesses. In this session, Bob will share some of the most important things he’s learned while creating successful software products.


Bob Muglia (BS CCS, 1981) is a business executive and R&D specialist. He was the CEO of Snowflake for five years, starting in May of 2014. Prior to Snowflake he spent 2 years at Juniper Networks and 23 years at Microsoft. Early in his career, Bob helped to start the SQL Server business and he managed Microsoft divisions including Visual Studio, Office, and Windows Server. From 2007 to 2011, Bob was the President of the Server & Tools Division, growing that business to over $17B. Bob currently serves as a board director for Fivetran, Fauna, Docugami, and Julia Computing.


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