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MICL Seminar

High Performance Microprocessor Design Using High-Radix Dynamic Logic

Gopal Vijayan

At Intrinsity, we have developed a methodology for designing multi-GHz microprocessors using a dynamic logic family callled NDL (TM) (1-of-N Dynamic Logic). In this talk, we describe NDL, its associated multi-phase clocking scheme, and the set of EDA tools that we have developed for this logic family. We also describe some architectural highlights of Intrinsity's 2GHz FastMath (TM) microprocessor that was designed using this methodology. Intrinsity is a fabless semiconductor startup based in Austin, Texas that has been issued over 50 patents on various aspects of the NDL logic family and its automation.
Gopal Vijayan is a Member of Techincal Staff at Intrinsity Inc, a fabless semiconductor startup in Austin, Texas. He came to Intrinsity in 1999, after working for over a dozen years at Motorola and IBM Research. Prior to joining industry, he was an assistant professor of computer science at Georgia Tech for 4 years. He holds a PhD (1983) in EECS from Princeton University. Mr. Vijayan is the author of more than 40 technical papers, and has several patents issued or pending.

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