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Google Tech Talk

John Hawkins

Join us to hear about Google’s Statistical Machine Translation project at 5:00 pm in the Computer Science and Engineering Building. The Statistical Machine Translation project is a research project at Google which has the goal to significantly improve the quality of machine translation beyond the existing state-of-the-art while at the same time making it easier to develop machine translation systems for new language pairs. We build machine translation systems based on statistical techniques which learn from parallel corpora. This talk describes the general motivation behind our approach (statistical machine translation), gives an overview on the system architecture and will also describe Google's participation in the recent NIST machine translation evaluation for Chinese-English and Arabic-English.
John Hawkins is a Software Engineer at Google. He graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelors Degree in Symbolic Systems and from the University of Michigan with a Masters in Intelligent Systems. He joined Google in 2004.

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