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{Featured Event} AI National Security Policy


This event is being held on Google Meet.  You can join here.  

OVERVIEW // During this session, “AI National Security Policy 101”, current AI Lab Board Member and former Pentagon advisor and speechwriter Kevin Samy will deliver a basic briefing on the players and promise of AI national security policymaking — and the perils of failing to get it right.

Logistics: This will be a 40 minute google meet virtual briefing, followed by a 20 minute Q&A. Feel free to share the invite with any and all interested. 

Topics covered:

  • Who are the key players in US Congress and across the regulatory/executive branch of government that have jurisdiction and oversight over artificial intelligence?
  • What are the going concerns and narratives and policy positions for all of those stakeholders?
  • How does the presidential election fit into the picture?
  • And what is the ‘right approach’ given the industry’s posturing as it differs from that of other non-industry players?
  • Does the US have a comprehensive plan? (short answer, not yet – but my team and Gladstone delivered one – HERE is the full report, more info on the plan, below)


ABOUT KEVIN // Kevin Samy is an inaugural board member – and the only startup founder – of the University of Michigan’s AI Lab.  He heads Communications and Public Affairs at Gladstone AI, a national security firm linked to the US Government; the firm crafted a significant 2024 US Government Action Plan for AI risk management, influencing congressional approaches to AI safeguards. A Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, Kevin has served in the Obama Administration as a strategist, speechwriter, and policy advisor in climate, energy, and national security at various high-level agencies including the White House and the Pentagon. He also advises startups and major brands like Mercedes, Disney and Coca-Cola, and is deeply involved in the video game and interactive media sectors.

ABOUT THE ACTION PLAN // On March 11, 2024, Gladstone.AI unveiled a first-of-its-kind Action Plan to address national security risks of unfettered advanced AI development. Commissioned by the US government, the Action Plan garnered global media attention 
in its inaugural week given its thorough inclusion of 200+ government, tech, and national security experts. Uniquely, Gladstone interviewed top AI Lab leadership – including high-ranking whistleblowers. Gladstone leadership has facilitated high-stakes interagency AI workshops that brought together WMD experts and senior leaders from across US government to red team policy proposals; to date, Gladstone has personally trained and briefed 100s of senior military officials, US diplomats, EU policymakers, and US congressional leadership. Check out more at gladstone.ai/action-plan

ABOUT GLADSTONE // Gladstone AI was founded by national security experts and AI startup founders dedicated to furthering US security interests amidst the rapid development of advanced AI. As an inaugural member of the US AI Safety Institute Consortium and a trusted DOD partner, Gladstone has achieved several “firsts” in its support of DOD and the federal government. Gladstone is a for-profit company with primarily government revenue – having intentionally taken no outside funding from investors or donors. Co-founders Jeremie Harris and Ed Harris have worked closely with U.S. national security agencies and frontier AI labs like OpenAI and DeepMind and have briefed cabinet officials, senior defense officials, and central bank leadership, among other global AI policy decision-makers.


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