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MICL Seminar

Enhancing Living Spaces: Integrating Digital Interfaces into Everyday Environments

Dr. Munehiko Sato
1200 EECS BuildingMap

ABSTRACT: Despite significant advancements in computer technology, the fundamental ways in which we interact with digital interfaces have not evolved substantially since their inception. Computers are mostly focusing primarily on efficiency and automation. This talk proposes a shift towards interfaces that prioritize human factors, particularly within the context of our personal living spaces. I will outline my research on developing interfaces that not only blend seamlessly with living spaces but are also embedded with innovative display and sensing technologies. These technologies are designed to integrate into the very fabric of our homes, significantly enhancing the responsiveness and aesthetic appeal of our daily surroundings.

BIO: Dr. Munehiko Sato is a researcher, engineer, inventor and designer working to redefine the human relationship with the physical and digital worlds. Over the years, Dr. Sato has pioneered technologies that can enrich human lives, drawing upon his background in computer science and mechanical and electrical engineering to design mechanisms that are conducive to commercialization. He served as a researcher at MIT Media Lab in the Camera Culture Group and currently servces as CXO (Chief Experience Officer) at mui Lab.