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CUOS Noon Seminar: Modeling strong field ionization in diatomic molecules

Dr. Alexandra LandsmanAssociate ProfessorOhio State University
GM Conference Room (4231 LEC)Map

The Center for Ultrafast Optical Science is pleased to present:

Guest speaker  Dr. Alexandra Landsman

Modeling strong field ionization in diatomic molecules

Semiclassical models, such as Strong Field Approximation (SFA) are widely used to investigate strong field ionisation of atoms and molecules and have been instrumental in our understanding of ultrafast laser-matter interaction. Some examples of their application include imaging of molecular orbitals, extracting ionisation delays, and (famously) generation of attosecond pulses from atomic targets via the process of high harmonic generation (HHG).  
After a review of some key concepts underlying semiclassical modeling of strong field ionization, I introduce a method to quantify the relative contribution of upfield versus downfield ionization when a diatomic molecule is exposed to intense infrared light. Applying this to previously measured electron momenta distributions following strong field ionization of N2, we find approximately a 21 ratio of electrons ionized from a downfield atom, relative to upfield. This suggests that the bound state wave function largely adapts adiabatically to the changing laser field, although the nonadiabatic process of ionization enhancement still contributes significantly even in neutral molecules. 
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Faculty Host

Prof. Karl KrushelnickNuclear Engineering & Radiological Science