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CSE Seminar

Understanding Recursion Beyond Simple Problems

Steven BogaertsAssociate ProfessorDePauw University
3725 Beyster BuildingMap

Zoom link for remote participants, passcode:  274688


Abstract: When computer science students learn about recursion, there is a risk that they hold on for too long to an exclusively literal mental model of the technique. While accurate, this model complicates the application of recursion to more difficult problems. In this talk geared towards undergraduate students, Dr. Bogaerts will make explicit an alternative mental model of recursion. This mental model will then be used to explain recursive solutions to more challenging problems. Following the recursion lesson, Dr. Bogaerts will provide a brief discussion of some of his other efforts in introductory computer science education.


Bio: Steven Bogaerts received his Ph.D. in computer science from Indiana University in 2007 and is now an associate professor of computer science at DePauw University. His research interests include computer science education and machine learning. His most recent work is in deep neural networks and initiatives aimed at broadening participation in undergraduate research projects. He has also created various introductory educational experiences set in the context of advanced topics, such as machine learning and parallelism. Dr. Bogaerts finds his professional joy in creating learning experiences of lasting impact for his students.


Cindy Estell

Faculty Host

Atul Prakash