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Faculty Candidate Seminar

An Introduction to Inheritance in Java

Scott DexterProfessor of Computer ScienceAlma College
3725 Beyster BuildingMap

Teaching Faculty Candidate

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Abstract: In this teaching demonstration, I will introduce inheritance relationships in Java, imagining an audience of intermediate-level programmers new to object-oriented design. The emphasis will be on design considerations (“what to code”) as prerequisite for programming practice (“how to code”).

Bio:  Scott Dexter grew up in a small college town in central Michigan, where he began programming in BASIC on a VAX mainframe around the age of 6. He studied computer science and mathematics at Denison University in Ohio, then returned to Michigan to get his PhD in CSE from this very department. Then he set off again, this time to Brooklyn, New York, where he taught computer science at Brooklyn College for over twenty years. Having had enough of the city, he returned again to Michigan in 2019, where he currently teaches computer science at Alma College.

As a scholar and teacher, he is most interested in the relationships between culture and access to technology. He has co-authored a Java textbook, a book about the philosophy of free and open-source software, and over 30 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers, working with scholars from mathematics, philosophy, psychology, English, theater, information science, and (of course) computer science.
He is an enthusiastic semi-professional musician (he’s gotten paid a few times). He spent two years living in Turkey (at age 15 and age 39), is an avid student of the music of Turkey, Iran, and Azerbaijan, and has studied the Persian kamanchah (an ancestor of the violin) for about twenty years.


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