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Control Seminar | MPEL Seminar

Grid Integration of Distributed Energy Resources: Aggregate Flexibility Quantification and Market Participation

Bai CuiAssistant Professor, Electrical and Computer EngineeringIowa State University
1500 EECS BuildingMap

Abstract: The electric power system is undergoing a rapid and deep decarbonization with the increasing penetration of renewable energy sources. The heightened penetration level of renewables in the form of distributed energy resources (DERs) underscore their growing significance as providers of grid services. Being small-scale and distributed in nature, these devices will need to be effectively aggregated before integrating in the wholesale electric market and providing grid services. Navigating the inherent stochasticity is one of the major challenges in designing effective aggregation strategies for DERs. In this talk, several major challenges of effective DER aggregation/integration will be discussed, along with some proposed methods to address them. In particular, we will present some decision-making models and algorithms for the characterization and improvement of the aggregate flexibility regions of aggregate DERs, as well as the development of their market participation strategies under uncertainty.

Bio:  Dr. Bai Cui is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Iowa State University. Dr. Cui’s research focuses on the application of control and optimization techniques in power and energy systems to improve system security, economic efficiency, and sustainability, and in developing new analytical tools for renewable energy integration, power system optimization, and stability analysis of large-scale power systems. Prior to joining ISU, he was a researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and a postdoctoral appointee at Argonne National Laboratory. He obtained his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech, and bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan.


***Event will take place in hybrid format. The location for in-person attendance will be room 1500 EECS.   Attendance will also be possible via Zoom. The Zoom link and password will be distributed to the Controls Group e-mail list-serv.

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Faculty Host

Johanna MathieuAssociate Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceUniversity of Michigan, College of Engineering