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Celebration of John Holland's 80th Birthday


Hosted by Scott Page and Carl Simon

Speakers at this event include Geoffrey West, Distinguished Professor and past President, Santa Fe Institute: "size matters: Growth, Innovation and the Pace of Life from Cells to Cities and Corporations; is it Sustainable?" Melanie Mitchell, External Faculty, Santa Fe Institute and Professor of Computer Science,Portland State University: "complexity: A Guided Tour" and John Holland, Professor of Psychology and Computer Science, University of Michigan, Trustee, Santa Fe Institute: "past and Future"
John Holland has devoted his life to interdisciplinary study. He was one of the first in the world to earn a PhD in computer science. His invention of genetic algorithms and, more generally, evolutionary computation, led to the growth of a new sub-discipline of computer science with applications in areas ranging from engineering design to biotechnology. His book Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems (1975) is a classic in the field. He was instrumental in developing interdisciplinary research at the University of Michigan and is a founding member of the Center for the Study of Complex Systems.

We are pleased to host this special event in honor of a great friend, scholar, and pioneering thinker in complex systems.

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Center for the Study of Complex Systems