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How to prepare to work on the next Xbox, Kinect, Hololens, or Quantum Computer.

Dawson YeeSystem Engineer - Azure Hardware, Quantum ComputingMicrosoft
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Dawson Yee is the 2019 College of Engineering Alumni Merit Award Winner for ECE. 


Dawson Yee will describe his experience leading teams that led to the highly successful XBox Kinect, his past work on the Hololens project, and current work as System Hardware Engineer – Azure, Quantum Computing, all at Microsoft. He will provide students with insider information about how to best prepare for a career helping produce the next generation of high-tech electronics.


Dawson Yee (MSE EE 1987) is System Engineer – Azure Hardware, Quantum Computing at Microsoft. Prior to this position, he was Hardware System Engineer & Architect for Hololens. From 2009-2013, he was the Hardware Systems Architect and Engineer for both Xbox 360 Kinect and Xbox One Kinect. The first Kinect for Xbox 360 became the best-selling product in consumer electronics history. He joined Microsoft in 1998, working on projects such as Microsoft Surface (aka Interactive Table) before becoming Director of Devices for Microsoft’s Unified Communications Group, and joined the Xbox team in 2008.  Prior to joining Microsoft, he was at Intel for 10 years working on Mobile systems, Xeon processor, Intel Architecture Labs, Server systems, Desktop systems. He started at Intel as the motherboard design engineer for an 80386SX-16 MHz system. Yee is author of more than 80 granted and pending patents. He is a member of the ECE Advisory Council.

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