Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Winter 2021: Software Defined Radio

Winter 2021: Software Defined Radio

Course No:
EECS 398-002
Credit Hours:
4 credits
Achilleas Anastasopoulous
EECS 216 or permission of instructor

In this class you will learn basic concepts of software defined radio. You will learn the following:

How basic radios work
A: Upconversion and down conversion
B: Frequency and phase synchronization
C: Timing synchronization
D: Digital modulation and demodulation including BPSK, QPSK, QAM, FSK, OFDM (several of these are used in 5G cellular networks and WiFi).
E: How to implement in software the different modulation and demodulation schemes. Most of what we do is done via a graphical user interface (GUI) but some custom operation can be programmed using Python. No knowledge of Python is assumed.

More info (pdf)