Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Fall 2019: Electrical Engineering Systems Design II

Fall 2019: Electrical Engineering Systems Design II

Course No:
EECS 398-002
Credit Hours:
Brian Gilchrist and Shai Revzen
At least 3 of 4 (215, 216, 230, 280) or permission of instructor

EECS 398 – 002 (3 cr) is a new design-oriented course which is running for the first time this fall. It counts as an upper level EE technical elective for currently declared EE students, and will become a required part of the EE degree program for anyone who declares an EE major on or after fall 2019 (final course name will be EECS 300). In this course, students will work with embedded systems, signal processing, various analog and digital sensors, power systems, wireless, and more in their design project.

The purpose of this course is to apply knowledge gained in core EECS courses and stretch to include more advanced topics in a design project with real world relevance. This year, we will be improving and creating new sensing and support modules used to monitor water systems throughout the world. The node system we are basing our work on was created by the Open Storm lab, here at Michigan (http://open-storm.org/). The data these devices gather is used to prevent flooding, create healthier watersheds, and help respond more swiftly in the event a flood does happen. All design goals and specifications for the course project will be driven by the actual Open Storm projects needs

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