Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

Among the leading departments of its kind in the nation, EECS is creating the technology that puts the “smart” into electronics. Our excellence and impact comes through in the work of our two divisions.

EECS at Michigan

Established. Respected. Making a world of difference. EECS undergraduate and graduate degree programs are considered among the best in the country. Our research activities, which range from the nano- to the systems level, are supported by more than $67M in funding annually — a clear indication of the strength of our programs and our award-winning faculty. With this combination of great resources and talent, EECS at Michigan is transforming and improving a wide range of fields that touch all of our lives.

Exposing internet censorship around the globe

A team led by Prof. Roya Ensafi has turned public internet servers into automated sentries that can monitor and report when access to websites is being blocked.

Making MRI Faster and More Accurate

Mai Le, an ECE graduate student, is working to make magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) faster and more accurate in order to save costs and create a better diagnostic tool.

EECS By the Numbers

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